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Thursday, June 20, 2013

MoD Must Have: Element Ceramic's Tactile Porcelain

pure, novel, stylish
for sculpture lovers

Heather Knight

"the natural world holds a wealth of imagery from which I filter into this work

I stumbled upon Heather Knight of Element ceramics a gifted ceramicist whose work captivates your eye with all its textural movement. Inspired by nature, the clay becomes alive with repetitive texture and produces the illusion of movement. I wouldn't be surprised if something started to wiggle..... Heather is constantly looking for new hints of inspiration in nature on walks through the woods and beach adventures. She adds, "I look at nature for inspiration, the ocean, seeds, leaves, flowers, grass and trees. I collect objects and images that inspire me and let them sink in, I try not to over think and work intuitively."

I asked Heather to tell us about her creative process. She adds, "All of my items are made by hand. I build the bases of the tiles with slabs and then individually apply each texture - a process of delicate, repetitive hand work. The bowls all start with slabs and then I impress the texture, making each mark with my hand or tools." 

Heather's craft has such a simple form; yet each piece is so dynamic and complex. You just want to reach in and touch it. Her bowls would look fantastic as a centerpiece on a kitchen island.... Her sculptures would add dramatic interest to a styled bookcase or dining room table...... peruse a little..

You can connect with Heather on her WEBSITE,  FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and ETSY, yes you can purchase one of these beauties!!!

(all images by Heather Knight)

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