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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What does a toilet and a carpet have in common?

How could a toilet and a carpet have anything in common? But I realized on BlogTour KBIS at the Kitchen and Bath Industry show (KBIS)  that both American Standard and Mohawk flooring care to improve product cleanability - inorder to improve every day living. Not only do both brands think about the beauty of their products; but also think about a standard of health in your home.

American Standard's mission is to make healthier, safer and more beautiful homes around the world. They presented to us bloggers the Anti-Clean Self cleaning toilet which is the toilet that cleans itself! All it takes is one simple press of a button for the bowl to be sparking clean. Its that easy. It has a fully integrated self cleaning system. All you have to do is change out the cleaning liquid cartridge.

The toilet seat is easily removable too. It sits on 2 metal points that pop off. These seem like small changes but are actually huge improvements to the way we can use our toilets in our homes. Genius!

Since 1878 Mohawk flooring stands proud as a trusted brand in flooring. Their mission is to create innovative products that make life better and brings you the best quality floor possible. I do believe they stand by their words," astonishing softness and maximum durabilty." 

They did an inventive challenge by testing one of their Smart Strand Silk reserve carpets against another competitive premium soft nylon carpet in the cage of Max the Rhino at the Birmingham zoo. After two weeks with a 5,400 pound rhino, both carpets were covered in mud and ya know what.... After cleaning both carpets they found that the Smart Strand Silk reserve carpet held up better and released the stains and remained beautiful proving that the carpet is easy to clean! I was impressed with Mohawks fiber technology! 

See the video below:

Here is the color palatte for 2017 and one of the beautiful patterns below that they can attain with their technology.

Later that evening Mohawk invited us bloggers to take off our shoes at a Barefoot and Bellini party where we could experience the carpet first hand. This carpet is like walking on a cloud. Really really soft! Now that I understand the durability and know how soft the carpet is. I would recommend this carpet to any of my clients! 

Products should not only look good, but be durable and cleanable! Both brands do it well! Thankyou American Standard and Mohawk flooring!!
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