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Monday, June 16, 2014

Design For Life: Universal, Sustainable, Sensory + Health

Coverings Trade show: showing accessibility to shower volume control

As human beings, we have a universal desire to be well, and to live well. In my own work as an architect + designer, I believe that design has a powerful and direct connection with wellness. It's all about the experience in space - wherever we go in life, design in all forms should work for you, affect you and make your life easier. Good design puts the user at its central focus and ultimately generates positive experiences bringing you happiness and joy. Gail Zahtz, founder of SenseritDemand Design and top 1% influencer in Design, Health and Travel also sees the power of design and its connection to health.   With a true understanding of trying to find design solutions for her own life in and out of a wheelchair, she believes that you are not defined by your challenges and your home or built environment needs not create another barrier to a fulfilled life. Great design enables and she is trying to bring awareness that design and life is one field combining universal design, sustainability, sensory, and accessible design. Gail passionately doesn't understand why all these movements have been separated in design today. They all connect and overlap in some way and she wants to open the eyes of architects, designers and consumers to throw away the old ideas of design. Gail adds, "we all deserve beauty, dignity and independence regardless of age, ability and health." Good design can reflect your lifestyle, mixing in the sustainable, sensory and universal demand - Don't you think design for a six year old can also be design for a sixty six year old? You can honor great looking design for all ages! 

Coverings trade show: bathroom showing universal niche design. Lower niche used for a person requiring a shower bench can also be used for a child. Tile pops visually highlighting its contents.

Building out of her passion, Gail Zahtz is proving that there is a strong intersection between health + design. On Demand Design, she already has 50 high quality guests on online blogtalk radio ( MoD Design Guru was interviewed, yahoo!), has thousands of community relationships with international organizations and under the Senserit family (a media company at the intersection of health and design that produces television,  networks and events for the 70 million Baby Boomers),  Gail has launched Design for Lifeamazing platform for tech, media, events and communities for baby boomers and professionals alike. 

Hands Free Kitchen at KBIS

Under Design for Life she is working on some incredible projects like The Design for Life the App which will create a virtual reality environment that enables anyone to have fun dragging and dropping real products into auto measured spaces. Help donate! Become a part of the CROWD FUND  on Indiegogo to get a chance to be a part of the decision making and roll out the virtual capabilities!! There are many levels to contribute to show some community support!! Click here to get involved!

Linear Drains Systems in the shower used for style and accessibility

Another project is the Design for Life the show which is a makeover show with purpose backed by HGTV, Turner and other network makeover veterans. Each episode will show how to do small projects that make a difference, while introducing new products that work for everyone, supporting the idea of universal design. 

Sensory: Re-think your walls with Lego 

 GE Universal Kitchen design

The vision is huge! Lets all take a moment to think how we can help rebuild and redesign our world to include dignity, beautiful design and independence as we all grow old together. 

You can connect with Gail Zahtz on her DEMAND DESIGN WEBSITETWITTERFACEBOOK, SENSERIT WEBSITE, #CPHC tweet chat on Tuesdays reaching 6 million an hour.

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