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Monday, April 15, 2013

today's ANGLE: NASHVILLE'S MOST MODERN - CUMBERLAND PARK attitude, a point of view, a design perspective from Interior designer Kim Salter, creative author of her fantastic blog Design Thoughts, one designer's thoughts on balancing Mama, Money and her love for All things Design!
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Today's city slant:


Hello again to all of you loyal MODsters!! I am so excited to bring you another dose of THE ANGLE: Nashville!! Where I bring you along on my journey of discovering new and cool things related to Art, Design Architecture and the deep history this town has to offer!! Today I want to BLOW.YOUR.MIND with the most modern playground I have ever seen! Yes, I know I am a bit dramatic, but I'm telling Y'all ( I can say that now cause I live here) The first time I saw Cumberland Park, I could not believe my eyes!!

Cumberland park is referred to as an "Adventure Park" a place for kids to explore differently than they are use to, and I dig it!!!  It is part of Nashville greater project called "New Riverfront Revitalization plan". TO bring more people to the riverfront of the Cumberland river.

The design of this play area is amazing!! its a series of rolling AstroTurf hills, that kids love to run up and slide down. Nestled between the hills are modern edgy children's play things like a balance ball, and a metal see-saw!! The sand box area is also cutting edge with a "Floating" stair to get into it, and an elevated sand table for taller kids. There is a spray park, and Climbing wall and climbing ropes, along with secret nature paths that lead around the entire 6.5 acre plot!! Take a look at the amazing design!

The Hollow – a one-of-a-kind adventure and nature play experience for kids of all ages and abilities, including an undulating washboard, accessible sand play with buried fossils, bouncing pad, green maze made of live plants, rainbow-casting prisms and lights in constellation patterns, a “cloud” bridge culminating in curtains of rain, and an interactive splash pad with jets and wading pool.

  The Gorge – a stone climbing wall featuring local Tennessee Crab Orchard sandstone, ropes and nets course, a 4-person wide embankment slide made with materials that stay cooler in the sun, and embedded fossils.

• The Scoops – a cooling-off lawn area and grove of trees featuring stepping stone paths dipping through drifts of mist that are activated by motion and step sensors.

• The Explorer Trail – meandering paths weaving through groves and butterfly meadows,

• The Terrace – outdoor tables and chairs under trees and adjacent to play areas, concessions, and restrooms for easy parent supervision.

What I know for sure, is I cant wait until we can experience the spray park!! I love the cutting edge design and "out of the box thinking" that the architects Hargreaves Associates created!! its AWESOME!! don't you all want to just come and play!!!! I'll bring the lemonade!!

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