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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tailored closet living: a place for your accessories

Are you an accessory, scarves, sunglasses, belts, shoes, ties...etc? Do you feel like your accessories are taking over your closet and you cannot find anything anymore? Are you ready to re-design your closet? Forget about those food storage containers, and shoe bags ... organize your closet right and make it special! With custom storage companies like California Closets, you can really enhance your experience and create a personal boutique closet to maximize your space and showcase your accessory collections! See the images below on how to attain smart organization, functional storage and stylish design for 'her' and 'him.'

Organized Tailored Living for 'Her':

(all images from California Closets FB page)

Great California Closets design! I like to call these special areas 
'the place of recharge.' It has a personal boutique feeling where 
you can come touch, see and try on all of your accessories. Add 
some personal touches will make you feel GOOD!

Jewelry set-up into compartments is a must. Ask yourself what 
items you still wear and depart with the others...ahhh so organized!

Acrylic compartments are a great material to separate and 
organize sunglasses, scarves, gloves, etc too!

Thoughtful and well designed lingerie and stocking drawer! 

And don't forget the wall to showcase the beauty of shoes...

To dream is to turn a whole closet into my personal shoe haven!

Organized Tailored Living for 'Him':

(all images from California Closets FB page)

Tie hardware attached to the side walls of your closet can 
extend out making your ties extremely accessible.
 Hafele makes a nice extension tie slide.

Tie bins are a great way to showcase and color catalogue your tie collection.

Men love shoes too! Built in shelves keep shoes grouped and attainable!

Sunglasses are no longer just a means to protect our eyes from UV rays, 
but an indispensable accessory for the man of all occasions. 

Watches have become fashion statements for men.... 
Every man should have a cool watch collection ...

Accessory systems can enhance your closet experience and 
put order and harmony into your life! 

If you feel you cannot design it yourself, 

connect with a California Closets Design Consultant. 
Click their WEBSITE, and FACEBOOK.

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