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Sunday, January 27, 2013


New York-based master-potter and home décor designer Jonathan Adler known for his chic and incredibly smile-inducing home design is launching a collection of accessories!  Right on, it makes so much sense!  Bold, Dynamic, and Groovy defines his signature style so his expansion over to fashion seems organically natural to me. I can easily see his daring patterns and geometric use of textiles, prints and patterns on bags, belts, scarves and small leather goods! It all about....."style, craft and joy," so why not blur the lines between Home and Fashion and expand the JA house!

I'm so incredibly thrilled to feature and interview Jonathan Adler on my Designer Spotlight series where he gives us a sneek-peek into his accessory world and his muses for the collection.

For the Home:

Collaborating with The Rug Company to illustrate his adventurous patterns with 
quality hand-knotting construction

Accessory collection for the 'JA' girl:

Dauphine handbag collection:
pinwheels, diamonds, scales

Close-up look at the delightful chain stitch details from his 
Dauphine leather/needlepoint handbag accessory collection

(coming this fall)

with Jonathan

When you decorate you are actually accessorizing – I think of what we do as making jewelry for your home. I took the same colors, patterns, graphics, and jet set philosophy to allow women to accessorize their outfits. The fashion accessories have the same spirit of style, craft, and joy that defines everything I make.

(coming this fall)

She’s jet set, she’s smart, she’s confident, and she gets whatever guy (or girl) she wants.  The collection is bold and colorful, just like her.

Muulti color Waves Pareo Wrap/Scarf

I’m constantly inspired - by art, by movies, by people and places, and by the city of New York.  I always keep my eyes and mind wide open.  For the fashion accessories collection, I thought of the style of Talitha Getty and of hotspots like the sands Capri and the slopes of St. Mortiz.


Gym, tan, laundry (just kidding).  I always say, “if your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it.”  I want to make stuff that people will love for years and years.


Thank you so much Jonathan for the sneek peek into your accessory world! The MDG reader is looking foward to seeing the future launch of the jewelry line too!!

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  1. OMG I'm such a fan of Adler! And I'm so happy with this news as you can imagine. Whenever I'm in London I go to his store. Have you seen his new collection? I just love it!


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