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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Patterned Language in Cologne and Amsterdam

Hello ‘mod’sters! I'm back from BlogTour Cologne and am so incredibly inspired by all the amazing architecture and design I saw over in Cologne and Amsterdam! 

My time over there reminded me of something my professor in architecture once said to our class... "the #1 cause of accidents in the United States are architects." We all looked baffled... Why? He said, "because architects are always looking up." Its so true.... I am always looking up. I not only see; I look, process and dissect buildings and city-scapes down to their colors, materials, textures and patterns. While on BlogTour Cologne, I discovered that both cities, Cologne and Amsterdam are so rich in rhythmic pattern. 

Through my eyes, I invite you to see a 
patterned language

curves and verticality

pure geometry



rippling edges

Through my eyes, I invite you to see a 
patterned language

its a bicyclist's world and I was only visiting...

repeat dimension

 playful grids 

sensuous curves

duplicate textures


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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AMAZING MICHELE!!! I am writing this in a high pitched squeel ;) You know how I get!!! I cant wait to see MORE!!! Beautiful!!!


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