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Monday, December 3, 2012

Layers in Art: Victor-Raul Garcia

I came across a new abstract artist named Victor-Raul Garcia from Lima, Peru. I really relate to his work because he finds beauty in the dimensions between layers of paint. He uncovers and scratches what's beyond the surface. Although this sounds pretty deep, he describes himself as "an autodidactic artist who doesn't take himself too seriously."

His layered process adds and reveals mystery to each canvas. He says, "Complexity and Depth can actually be soothing and gentle if interpreted correctly (both by the artist and the viewer)..."

I find myself travelling thru each band of gray or color he dictates.  Where is he taking me? What are his inspirations?

Victor adds, "my inspirations are a vast array of images I witness and/or research daily .......from a religious scene on a stained glass window in a church to  the cracks, rust and moss left on a sidewalk; from the overlapped and torn layers of old billboards left in subway stations to the foto of a vintage brooch; from a stack of fabrics at Fortuny to the microscopic imagery of an element......."

You can follow Victor-Raul Garcia on his WEBSITE & Facebook.

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