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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Du Verre: Hardware is Art

Today it became very REAL that I am going to Blog Tour Cologne 2013. Smiling from ear to ear, I opened up my first envelope enclosed with a catalogue, some recent press releases, a cool gift and a friendly hello from Gina Lubin, CEO and Creative Director of Toronto based Du Verre Hardware company. Du Verre has partnered with Modenus in sponsoring this year's group to Germany and Amsterdam. So thank you Du Verre and Modenus!!

After ruffling through all the cool brochures, my first impression was Du Verre was no ordinary cabinet hardware company. Each pull and knob design is like Art and uniquely reminds me of a custom-made piece of jewelry. Oooh la la, cool makings for an earring or a necklace.....

What is really impressive is DuVerre’s commitment to their artisitic vision while using clean technologies. They have responded to environmental concerns by manufacturing its die cast designs in eco-friendly recycled aluminum.  By using recycled aluminum, air and water pollution is significantly reduced.

DuVerre also works closely with several premier designers. Their collaboration has resulted into innovative, contemporary knob and pull collections.  They have partnered with an outstanding roster of designers such as...... 


TRIBAL By Clodagh

FORGED 3 By Heinz Pfleger

POMEGRANATE By Heinz Pfleger

OFFSET By Erin Adams

LOTUS By William Harvey 


Like I always say, “Love is in the details,” 
and Du Verre’s Hardware is a perfect example.

 I can’t wait to see and touch each piece in Cologne!!
You can connect with Du Verre Hardware on their 

Thank you, Du Verre Hardware for Sponsoring 
the Blog Tour Cologne 2013 Team!!

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  1. Whoooo Hoooo. Happy day at the mailbox. I went to Toronto once and found it to be FULL of very unique and artistic items, so I'm not surprised to learn that DuVerre is from there! We have White Lotus yoga retreat just around the corner from where I live in Santa Barbara, so that line has extra appeal for me!


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