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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Layla Grayce Express your Style challenge - Concrete diggs

Layla Grayce, a stylish haven of items for the home is hosting a series of Olioboard contests, sponsored by Jonathan Adler.” I am participating in their Living room challenge called “Express Your Style,” and I would really appreciate your VOTES! The Top 25 get to be judged by Jonathan Adler and I would love to be one of the 25. Below is my board.

Exciting News is in! Jonathan Adler chose my Layla Grayce/Olioboard Living room contest design as FIRST place! Yahoo!! Click: article

In my image I used a concrete wall from the exterior of a building in the West Village I came across. It became the backdrop for the design. The architect works at his drafting table admiring his creation. 

It made me think that the use of concrete has become very popular in interior design especially for that industrial, urban look and feel. Concrete is an extremely versatile material and can be used in many unexpected and unusual ways......

Foscarini's new concrete suspension light takes its cue from the plumb or plummet weight to ensure the exactness of a line. This light beautifully counteracts concrete's weighty properties: 

 Doreen Westphal defies gravity with her lacy concrete curtains:

Industrial designer Florian Schmid creates amazing concrete furniture called Stitching concrete that are edged with elegant stitches:

Norwegian photographer Tom Haga developed a concrete Wallpaper collection derived by photographing raw and refined concrete and cinder blocks:

The intricate movement in Daniel Ogassian’s concrete decorative tile designs defies the heavy perception of concrete:

Designer Sergey Makhno creates concrete block planters called the Invariants. Each block has different shaped voids that cradle three liter glass jars as a vase.

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