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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Jason Wu for Brizo Collection, "Fashion for your home"

Fashion Designer Jason Wu Home Collection for Brizo

The Jason Wu Home Collection for Brizo is eye catching!! The ultra-sleek lines, the intricate detailing, the unique technology and the beautiful black matte finish juxtaposed against the chrome and brushed nickel finishes make the high-style collection very special and oh, so chic! Brizo continues to be one of my favorite luxury bath–fittings brands because their brand merges fashion-foward design with innovative technology.

Jason Wu Home Collection (photo: Brizo)

And who doesn’t love the sublime fashion designs by Jason Wu? Wu’s 2011 fall fashion collection, inspired by Robert Polidori’s photos of the 25 year restoration of Versailles was outrageously beautiful! 

Jason Wu inspiration board, photo:
Robert Polidori's "The Smalah Room, Versailles" (1984), photo: Nicholas Metivier Gallery

The interplay of old-world opulence and present day materials informed his design-making. One of my faves was the black lace of falling leaves on a belted cream jacquard shift dress: incredible! 

Jason Wu 2011 Fall Runway Collection  (Source)

Collaborating with Brizo, Jason Wu translated his fashion designs into a comprehensive powder room ensemble of innovative faucets and accessories. Seeing the two brands merge and Wu's vision applied to the interiors world is extremely exciting! I had to learn more and understand the story behind the designs and their collaboration. I contacted Brizo and was able to interview Judd Lord, Brizo’s Director of Industrial Design: 

How did Brizo’s relationship with Jason Wu begin? 
The Brizo brand first partnered with fashion designer Jason Wu in 2006 with the intent to bridge the gap between home and fashion design. Both brands share the position that fashion is an expression of personal style and can be achieved on the runway, as well as in the home. This position has been continuously reinforced throughout the relationship. From the beginning, Jason Wu’s inherent sense of style and thoughtful design choices has made him a natural fit for the Brizo brand.

How did Jason Wu come to design for Brizo?
Throughout the years, Jason Wu has created exclusive fashion designs and accessories for Brizo product campaigns and events and his New York residence is outfitted with Brizo Loki®and Pascal® faucets. The Brizo brand and Wu are a perfect pair, sharing not only a similar design aesthetic, but also the same discerning consumer. Collaborating on a shared collection was a natural evolution of this relationship.

See the VIDEO:

  - - - -

-Ja                                    Jason Wu collaborating with Brizo team
The Odin faucet is actually quite amazing! You just touch the faucet and the water automatically starts or stops!!  I asked Brizo to describe the innovative details of their timeless bathroom collection of fittings and accessories. 
Besides serving as a platform for the introduction of our exclusive Matte Black finish in the lavatory, the Jason Wu for Brizo Odin faucet features a unique and unexpected rotating handle motion to emphasize the collection’s modern and seamless design. Punctuated by Jason Wu’s signature Miss Wu owl emblem on the tip of the handle, this faucet is truly the collection’s showpiece. 
In addition, this faucet is also the platform on which Brizo is introducing a number of new and cutting edge technologies for the bath:   SmartTouchPlus™ Technology - The next generation of the Brizo brand’s revolutionary SmartTouch® technology, SmartTouchPlus technology adds hand-free sensing to existing touch-sensitive operation. An LED light lets users know if they are in Touch Mode (solid color) or Hands-Free Mode (flashing). - TempIQ™ Temperature Control Technology - TempIQ technology senses the water before the user does. An LED light built into the faucet changes color from blue to magenta to red, letting consumers know exactly when water has reached the desired temperature. It adjusts the water mixture to ensure a consistent water temperature with no sudden (and unwelcome) increases or decreases. It also features a high-temperature limit stop for an added degree of safety. -
Odin Faucet
Beyond the stunning and sleek Odin faucet, the accessories in this collection feature the subtle Baroque ornamentation that softens the clean lines of this modern collection. The complete offering a wallmount shelf, soap dish and dispenser, drawer knobs and pulls, and wastebasket - all exuding the sophisticated and inspired design for which Jason Wu is known. - See the accessories below:
Wu's Odin Faucet for Brizo has a simple and beautiful curve, like a woman's silhouette combined with SmartTouchPlus(tm) Technology. Can you take us behind the design and describe the creative process of merging design with technology?
The Jason Wu for Brizo collection strikes a delicate balance between sleek Scandinavian inspiration and Baroque detailing. The juxtaposition of ultramodern clean lines and ornamentation marks the fusion of Jason Wu and Brizo design styles and represents the convergence of the faucet and fashion worlds.  The collaboration between the Brizo product team and Jason Wu draws support from the idea that design, whether rooted in garments or interiors, follows the same path from conception to completion. Working together afforded both brands the opportunity to experiment with new materials, perspectives, and design tools and prompted the teams to re-examine the functionality and design behind each item in the collection.  The similarities and differences between industrial design and fashion design also encouraged each brand to push itself to new limits. For instance, the timeline in faucet design is much slower than fashion design. Each brand was challenged to think differently and use new technologies to satisfy various design elements while still conforming to certain specifications. The entire process lasted about two years from start to finish. In the end, a uniquely slender faucet was created with a handle motion that moves unlike anything else on the market.
                                         Thank you Brizo for an amazing interview! 
                  To learn more about Brizo, see their WEBSITEFACEBOOK & TWITTER
Source:  Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design, Brizo photo and video credit: Brizo

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