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Friday, January 9, 2015

MoD Must Have: Woodform Concrete an Alternative to Stone Countertops

MoD Must Haves
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for concrete lovers

Can concrete look like wood?

JM Lifestyles company has pushed the limits of concrete with their versatile Woodform Concrete. Their concrete is indistinguishable from wood. This family of artisans and designers have a unique approach to design and concrete and have shown that concrete can be utilized in many applications - kitchen, bathroom, furniture, hospitality applications; indoors or outdoors; a great alternative to stone. 

Concrete is a natural material so you have to love the organic characteristics inherent of the material. It is comprised of sand, stone, cement, water and fibers. Much like stone, concrete is durable and porous and needs to be sealed. Over time, concrete can also get some hairline cracks but these are not structural failures. It can stain if not properly sealed, and chip if it is hit with something hard. All of these features are similar to stone so if you want a different look, concrete is the way to go.

I'm really loving these fire feature Woodform concrete tables. It appears as it fire is emerging from a wood tabletop but in reality it is concrete that looks like wood. Brilliant!

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