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Thursday, November 14, 2013

MoD Must Haves: PIXERS SHOWTIME wall murals

MoD Must Haves
stylish, modern, novel 
for mural lovers

PIXERS is a wall mural company that brings interiors to life. Great graphics, vivid colors and customizable murals! Using environmentally-friendly HP Latex technology, PIXERS offers a HUGE variety to search from....…like 20 million different kinds of wall murals, canvases, posters and decals. Whats really special is that their murals are easily removable. Peel and reattach to another wall if you want to. Great for apartments where you cant do much work to the walls!

Evidently, the PIXERS team loves TV as they just released an unique mural collection called SHOW TIME………… inspired by the 8 iconic TV series like Sex in the city, Sopranos, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc. The murals are artistically portrayed from recognizable scenes/themes from the shows. I really love their scale and painterly pale colors. Each design will offer a contemporary look to any interior space! Check out more images:

See the complete collection here.

You can connect with PIXERS on their FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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