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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MoD Must Haves: Fashionable STRUCTUREbags

Organic Canvas Line - Totes 

Two year ago, Brenda Guyader, an engineer-turned-bag designer, began designing eco-friendly, patriotic and stylish bags for women called  STRUCTUREbags.  I really love the collection's clean lines and eye-popping contrasting colors and fun, mod patterns.  The bags wonderful attention to detail is also not surprising coming from an engineer.  Their Organic Canvas Line are made from 100 percent organic cottons and hand-crafted at their founding location in West point, NY.  I love that these bags are made in the USA and that the company is devoted to giving back to military families...............and a lucky MoD Design Guru reader!
Did someone say prizes? 

Lets learn more about STRUCTUREbags shall we?  I was in touch with Brenda, the founder and designer at STRUCTUREbags and she takes us behind the scenes of her designs ....  

Organic Canvas Line - mini totes

What made you leave engineering and start your own bag business?

I truly love being a structural engineer. There is something so rewarding about knowing you've solved a problem for a client - either an architect or an owner - that will save them time, money or both, all while keeping the users safe.

But when my husband and I made the commitment to support his career as a football coach and we decided to start a family, engineering had to step to the side.  It is certainly not gone, but with the addition of a child to our family, income could not replace the feeling of watching and teaching our daughter as she grows.   

STRUCTUREbags gives me the chance to use all my training and professional experience in one place, while staying close to my family and creating a company that gives back to the things our family believes in.

Camo Line

What inspires your designs?

When I was a design student at Cal Poly I did a presentation on architect Louis Sullivan. His design philosophy of "form follows function" stayed with me.

As an engineer, my finished product was a structural drawing.  Together with talented CAD designers, we created beautiful works of art everyday!  I love the look of modern prints and contrasting fabrics.  The products I make are scaled to give proportions that are both functional and beautiful.

When I am living life with my daughter, I am always finding inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us: elegant structural connections, bright, linear architecture and unexpected touches in nature.  I am all about marrying the hard and soft, the fun and functional.

Organic Canvas Line - Sachets

What is your fave design?

Organic Canvas Line - Wristlets

I find a special use for each of my designs! But, my go-to bag is without a doubt the Element Pencil Wristlet.  I love its versatility and styling. I love how it holds just what I need when I want to scale down, but tucks in nicely when I am heading out for a longer trip.  I love its simple, yet dynamic design. I currently rotate between the Navy Tri with red and the Digital Camo. 

Are you lovin' these colorful bags as much as I do? 
Good luck on the GIVEAWAY, great gift for the upcoming holidays or just a little somethin' just for you!

You can connect with STRUCTUREDbags on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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