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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

HGTV Magazine Blogger Block Party 2016

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

I attended a SUPER fun and informative event hosted by HGTV Magazine this week at the 404 Event Space. Guests and bloggers were busy with crafty demonstrations and inspiring talks by excellent speakers such as Genevieve Gorder, Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte, Style by Emily Henderson, Marketing manager Emily Bidwell  of ETSY, and John and Sherry from Young House Love. I went to the event with my pal Deborah Von Donop of Blissfully Domestic.  Here are some of the highlights we shared in video format.  (pics are my own):

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

Sara Peterson HGTV Magazine Editor in Chief introduced each speaker. Deborah and I made sure we said hello to all the  speakers when we had the opportunity. Sara was lovely to chat with!

Sara Peteron, Michele Alfano (Me) and Deborah Von Dunlop

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

Genevieve Gorder inspired us with upcoming trends from Africa, Indonesia and Cuba. New heavy textiles and patterns we will be seeing more of in 2017. Genevive is so down to earth and we discussed our love for the color black!

Michele Alfano, Genevieve Gorder and Deborah Von Dunlop

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte had tons of energy and was a positive force. She explained how important it is to network and told us all to meet every single person in the room! I spoke to her later about my dream to start my own product line and she gave me a perfect little nudge in the right direction!

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

Jackie Haus of haus2home, Michele Alfano, Deborah Von Dunlop, Young House Love

John and Sherry of Young House Love told us to always know our purpose in blogging so you can enjoy and love what you do. They explained that they lost their way a bit but are now rediscovering their passions and just designed a coloring book that brought them much joy!

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

Emily layed down the secret to her successes as a mom, blogger and designer. She said, "be uniquely yourself and take risks!" Love it!

Deborah Von Dunlop, Emily Henderson, Michele Alfano, Jackie Haus

 The Agenda was a jammed packed:

Fun to meet new people! The fab 5!

Fun to meet Jana Phipps Trim Queen, Ruth Olbrych of AntiquesbyZaar, Barbara of One2OneNetwork, Michele Alfano and Deborah Von Dunlop of Blissfully Domestic

The best way to end an event is with some cocktails- The Passion Fruit Margarita presented by Sauza rocked!

Image Credit: Andrew Federman

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