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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Miele and Mr.Steam Buzz: Cooking and Bathing with STEAM

Miele Combi Steam Oven | Mr. Steam

It's always hard coming back from a trip. Laundry, phone calls, emails, stacks of papers, family stuff and deadlines awaiting... oh my, but it was well worth it. BlogTourCali was AWESOME!  Hand picked by Modenus, I was one of eleven designers who experienced what the notion of "Living Well" is all about and how to fully integrate the elements of wellness into life with good food, good wine, good design and some mindfulness.... all compacted in five days. 

BlogTourCali doing Yoga at the Bacara Resort & Spa

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you my observations, and participation in what was the most amazing trip across the coast of California. Thank you Veronika of Modenus. Muah!  I learned so much, especially how we must nurture and engage our body, mind and spirit in-order to live a more fulfilled life. The tour proved that all areas such as design, health, food, nature, etc overlap and we as designers can help our clients achieve a Well-Designed Life.

Steam was the buzz word on BlogTourCali!  The power of steam has the ability to transform one's life.  I not only experienced what steamed food tastes like at Miele's showrooms in  Los Angeles and San Franscisco; but also what steambathing feels like at the Bacara Resort & Spa sponsored by Mr. Steam!

Miele Combi Steam Oven

For the foodies: Miele has taken cooking with steam to a new level with their Miele Combi Steam ovenIf you think steamed food is a dieters way of making a meal...its totally not. Let me assure you. I tasted it firsthand. On day 2 of the trip, we went over to Miele's Los Angeles showroom for brunch. There they have an open kitchen set up with professional chefs who cooked up the most visually beautiful and tasty meal all made in their Miele Combi Steam oven. All with fresh ingredients and cooked without oils and fats.  My God,  look at the cous cous and beet salad below......all made with steam!

Miele Professional Chef Lupi
image credit: Chasen West

Steam cooked food is some of the best food I have ever eaten! I was excited by Miele's technology and how easy the interface is. There are fewer steps and less mess too! So, if you want amazing flavor, texture and  color combined with all the health benefits, we all need to be preparing our food with steam!! 

For spa lovers: When you are on vacation, is the spa one of your destinations? Why can't you feel like you are on vacation at home? Your bathroom can be your spa, your sanctuary.

"Feel Good," is Mr. Steam's belief and that is why they came along on BlogTourCali to explore "the Well Designed life." On our drive to the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara,  we laughed all the way with Martha, Mr. Steam VP of marketing. She educated BlogTourCali on all the benefits of steam with her Wellness Wheel. We all won tons of prizes!!

Martha, Mr. Steam VP of marketing and her Wellness Wheel
image credit: Chasen West

We finally arrived at the Bacara Resort & Spa. What a beautiful place! Ahhh! There we experienced a little yoga, a yummy brunch and the ultimate steaminess.....

Bacara Resort & Spa

I learned that its not all about sweating. With gobbs of TALA lava clay all over our faces (new product launch from Mr. Steam), we steamed in the resort's eucalyptus steam room. The thick mask had to dry before going in and it was steamy in there. We sat in the steam about 15 minutes and after only about 5 min., the mask started to drip. After wiping away the entire mineral enriched mask with a cool towel, my skin never felt softer. It was glowing the next day. Love that glow after a spa experience! 

This TALA stuff is amazing. 

What is TALA? Its the fountain of youth packaged in a jar. No joke.  Its a mineral based clay from the mines of the Moroccan Fez region. Its supposed to help reduce redness and unblock pores. Martha from Mr. Steam found this clay at an actual Hammam in Morocco and brought it back to the States. 

I certainly walked away from the experience that there are major health and beauty advantages to steambathing that can certainly fit into a well designed life. Martha gave us all our very own TALA gift box. Yahoo!  I promised myself that I would #SpaSunday with TALA and take a moment to nurture my body. 

TALA faces - BlogTour ladies 
image credit: Chasen West

Why wouldn't I want to have my very own spa experience at home? Next renovation, I'm getting a steam shower!! And so should my clients!!  Mr. Steam's intelligent operating system iSteam offers an array of options with easy touch screen navigation - add music, aroma, lighting and/or control the temperature in your steam room. Mr. Steams online virtual spa system makes it easy. Get a simple system or all the bells and whistles. You can see the pricing as you select your options.

So if you are remodeling, think about making it relaxing, healthy and luxurious with Steamtherapy technology by Mr. Steam. Whatever your preference, steam is personalized therapy!!

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