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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Designer Spotlight: RAZORTOOTH studio

Designer Spotlight Sunday, a series of Q&A interviews featuring emerging artists and premier design voices in the fields of architecture, interior, product, and fashion design.

Brooklyn based  RAZORTOOTHDESIGN is an innovative studio whose mission is to inspire the imagination and elevate our evolving lifestyles. You will feel this design enthusiasm when meeting principal designers' Kiril Kirov and Jeri Su. Seems so long ago, but I had the great opportunity to speak with them at the Spring ICFF show and was drawn towards their intricate and modern geometric screens. I was inspired by the design's dramatic play of negative and positive space which ultimately creates a magnificent play of light and shadow on walls. Kiril and Jeri allowed me to interact with the cool linking system that interlocked all the panels or modules. I started to imagine all the endless possibilities to redefine and organize space. They confirmed that they are in constant search for original ideas to manipulate and reinvent the traditional partition. This idea resonated with me and I recently contacted them and interviewed them for this week's 'Designer Spotlight.' Read on to learn more about RAZORTOOTH"S unique work:

How would you characterize your product in three words?

Modern Modular Partitions

Can you describe the materials and hardware you use to construct your partitions?

We started developing partitions to fill a gap in the market.  What we found available were either too flimsy, like paper and fabric or traditional, heavy duty, and super complicated contraptions that were completely out of price range for most people. Our materials we use for the partitions are lightweight but solid materials with a modern look, Extruded plastics with a satin finish, high gloss aluminum composites in brilliant colors, HDPE, semi translucent and glowing appearance.  These materials combined with clean geometric designs and easy assembly, seamlessly integrate into any environment and create separation in spaces without building permanent structures.

Material properties are very important to us. Finish, weight, durability, and price are top requirements when we choose the materials for our partition systems. See examples of their partitions:

CONSTRUCTOR series is cut from 2 different materials. Extruded PVC, for indoor applications, is a lightweight, and available in many great colors.  This is an affordable product, which gives us the opportunity for many options, such as creating double layers and intricately cut designs. See pictures of CONSTRUCTOR below:

CONSTRUCTOR folding screen, brushed aluminum finish

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), for outdoor and high traffic applications, this is heavier and priced higher, but is virtually indestructible, and can withstand all weather conditions, it will not warp, or discolor and is very easy to maintain. See some pictures of outdoor partitions below:

DOMINO series is cut from aluminum composites, but we also offer custom composites.
It is lightweight and durable, and available in many colors and has a beautifully finished surface. See some pictures of DOMINO below:

HARDWARE, the most important component of our systems, materials for hardware depend on the application.  For indoor, we use anodized or brushed aluminum and for outdoor, stainless steel.  All our hardware is proprietary, developed specifically for each system and final application.  All developed for our modular systems, with simplicity and ease in mind for the end user.

What is your design process?
Our design process begins with our favorite tool, the computer.  Through digital 3d renderings, we can simulate the object in an environment, test designs, layer, play with lighting and shadows for maximum effect before we commit.  And then comes the most important part, to translate an idea into a physical object.  It is very important to know your materials and how to use them for the right situations.

Your Modulari light has intricate cut-outs. Can you describe the cast of light and shadow it emits?
All our partitions are designed for maximum effects that play with light and shadow. MODULARI Light creates a multi layer effect from the light source, combined with the positive and negative space within the modules. The shadows will reflect the design, SWIRL or LEAF on your surrounding walls to create dramatic effects and transform your walls with exaggerated shadows. See some pictures of Light MODULARI below:

The workspace of the future is going to have to be more flexible due to new technologies and the decline of the cubicle. How can Razortooth’s screens redefine the modular concept for working environments?

To make the traditional cubicles obsolete would be a true design accomplishment.  The idea of shared workspace makes perfect sense for an open floor plan but the reality of the cubicle, is very restricting and dull.  By replacing the traditional cubicle walls with beautifully designed partitions, you can let in light throughout the space, giving you a sense of freedom and allow you to feel connected. Our partitions provide privacy without completely blocking out what is going on around you and allow you to feel like you are part of your surroundings and not completely enclosed in a humorless setting.  It is very important for our psyche and productivity to feel good in the space where we spend most of our day.

Are you inspired as much as I am? Thank you RAZERTOOTH for a wonderful interview!

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  1. Such a great product! Jeri & Kiril recently designed our showroom and it is fantastic! The Constructor Screens are highly resilient and look amazing in our showroom. And super cost effective!


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