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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MoD Must Haves: Zespoke on the Perfect Color Palette For Your Personality

MoD Must Haves
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My friends over at Zespoke have a good eye for color and know how to incorporate wild and bold patterns into their cool retro coffee tables. Love the graffiti inspired table above and its shows how a pop of color can not only make a statement piece but also change the whole look of your room. I asked Zespoke if they would lend some thoughts on how to inject color into interior spaces:

Home Colour Combos: The Perfect Palette For Your Personality

Summer is here and, while this time of year is readily associated with floral colours and designs, your personality doesn’t necessarily reflect the season - and your home shouldn’t have to either. When it comes to colour scheme, finding your perfect fit can be a difficult task - but if you are looking for inspiration, we can help you select the perfect palette for your personality.

Soothing pastels

Pastel colours come in a variety of shades and, thanks to their light and soft look, they are suited to happy, playful characters. From baby blue bathrooms to calming yellow sun rooms, pastel shades can help bring out the brighter side of your personality and inject some light into your home. Complemented with vintage bunting and a Zespoke retro coffee table, pastel colours can help you turn back the clock and get lost in yesteryear as you navigate your way from room to room.

Warm and rich

If you are a passionate person who feels the full force of your emotions, you might prefer to bathe your home in richer tones. Rustic reds and fiery oranges will warm up your rooms and create a homely and safe atmosphere, whereas deep blues and purples will have a more calming effect. Allowing your personality to spill over into your interior features will help you fashion a home that reflects you. So, no matter whether you are a romantic dreamer or a logical thinker, there is a spectrum of colours at your mercy.

A primary palette

Getting back to basics can be a welcome change - and if you appreciate the finer things in life, you might enjoy experimenting with primary colours to invigorate your interior.

From rooms steeped in a single colour to feature walls, primary colours keep it simple yet stylish - and block colours provide the perfect canvas for your accessories. This doesn’t mean your interior has to look boring, though, as this simplistic approach will give your home a more modern touch. Let your personality provide a basis and enjoy designing your ideal interior.

Seasonal tones

Are you a fan of seasonal styles? If so, there are tempting tones suited to every time of year. To embrace the energy of spring, light and fresh colours will brighten up your home - or if summer is your favourite season, you can squeeze out every last drop of sunshine by introducing some bright and vivid colour into your rooms. Autumn is all about earthly tones and often associated with rustic greens, browns and yellows - allowing you to bring an element of the outdoors in as you freshen up your home. When winter rolls around, blues, purples and deep pinks are reflective of the season - but if you want to keep the weather outside, opt for warm reds and inviting oranges.

So, whether you are a fan of golden tones or prefer some cooler shades, let your identity do the talking and colour your home happy.

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Thanks Zespoke for your color tips!

Image Credits: Zespoke

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