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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CONVERSATION pieces for your home

Back in 1913, artist extraordinaire Marcel Duchamp, (one of my fave artists)... invented readymades, objects that challenged assumptions about what constitutes a work of art. In Duchamp's Bicycle wheel, some may only see a bicycle, but to Duchamp it was taking something that was already prefabricated and turning into sculpture.  

Bicycle Wheel, Marcel Duchamp, 1913 via 

Today's modern equivalent of turning something typical like a bicycle wheel into functional art goes to Phillips collection  - with their recycled bicycle it!  I thought it was a great conversation piece when I saw it at BDNY. They took the ordinary and yielded the unexpected. Its somethin' to talk about...

I think its very important for spaces to have pieces that are bold, unique, and memorable....... Take Gold Leaf Design Group's dimensional wall sculpture of metal and gold leaf for example. Its exciting to look at... 

With an environmental focus, Gold Leaf Design Group takes natural resources and introduces gold leafing and cladding onto handcrafted wares. The recycled wood sculpture below is cladded in brass and copper...

Your light fixtures can also demand attention. Bistro by Troy lighting assembled forks, spoons and some sparkle... Great piece for the home owner who wants something new and interesting over their dining room table.

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