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Monday, August 6, 2012

Top Ten List of My Favorite Moments at BlogHer’12

BlogHer’12 was my very first blogger conference and I loved every minute! It was filled with an interactive expo floor, informative panels, inspirational keynotes, fun parties, brilliant women and tons of conversations and networking!

I always love the REHASH after a big event; well, lets get real, I mostly love any kind of rehash..... so here is my 

Top Ten Favorite Moments at BlogHer ’12:

The Expo hall,wowser! Sorta overwhelming at first; but it is an engaging and colorful environment that brings together bloggers and brands.

Getting silly at the Expo with Zamzee! I really enjoyed talking with the Zamzee team who has developed some hip technology that helps families make physical activity a fun part of daily life! It is called the Zamzee meter and online experience. I got to take one home, so I will have an update post about Zamzee!

I also enjoyed speaking with Bankrupting America, a non-profit organization that cuts through all the clutter and sheds light on economic policies. In their booth they had Jon Casey, a talented caricature artist doodling away. Scary, but this caricature looks just like me! 

Extra Space Storage, brand all about storage, offered back massages in their Expo booth. I couldn't resist! 

Keynote speaker, Martha Stewart, my idol, offered inspirational words:
”Be personal, be passionate and be real.” 

The informative panels!! Learning how to leverage Facebook and Twitter was eye-opening! You must find creative ways to engage your audience in-order to keep your variable AFFINITY up! What the heck is Affinity, you ask? Well, Facebook has an EdgeRank # that weights who messages you or likes your content the most. Those who do not, will not get your news-feed as much. Crazy, right?  

All the swag! I lugged around a bag filled of free creams, candles, Lysol products, etc but the most helpful was that Boiron homeopathic cream called Arnicare. It really works! I had an aching back ache carrying all that stuff but I feel great now! Go Boiron!!

The powerful stories heard at Voices of the Year were moving!

Blogher party! I was truly inspired by the incredibly funny and fabulous women I met. First, Big Hugs to Sheryl of Peace Love Cupcakes, all about cupcakes, who I shared the day with! Really loved talking to Anita, the Chief Enchilada of DenverGreenChili, guide to everything green chili. Also author of Pintactics! a quick Pinterest start workbook; Kathryn of Women Launch. Also developer of Skripz, a photostory sharing App coming soon!; Meghan of Acceleration-partners, marketing and strategyLisa of Mogulbabybaby related fabulous finds;  Sandy of MomlifeTV, a lifestyle network for Mom's; Annie of Peach Prenni, family life stories; Robin of Robin's Chicks, humor columnist documenting her family life; Fausta of Fausta's blog, political content; Bren of BCgarden, all about gardening; Erin of aparentingproduction, all about her family life. Muah ladies!! 

Building a foundation of strong relationships! Good vibes, good time,and positive energy! My creative juices are flowing!


  1. Had a great time with ya, Mish!

  2. It was great meeting you at the Zamzee booth! We *LOVE* the photo!


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