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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Everyone deserves a space to call their own!! You deserve such a place - where you can feel your best and be inspired!! That space doesn’t have to be a whole room or a ‘mom or man-cave’. It can be as small as a nook. What matters is that it is a place to recharge your mind, your spirit, your being and your technology. All of these need to be nurtured and re-fueled in some way.
Do you have a space where you can journal, think, brood, read a book, chat on the phone, doodle, plug in your techy stuff, or just get your juices flowing? The-Boutique MOD can help you design such a space, a ‘recharging space,’ to re-focus on you! The boutique offers a mix of modern and unique home-goods from 2modern, all modern, inhabit, cb2, west elm, Jonathan Adler, ETC which can be purchased thru amazon.

The Boutique MOD is set up to be very easy to shop and purchase: make choices on your own or get help from ‘readymade vignettes,’ narratives that suit your style and taste from the wide selection of products.

ready-made vignette (1):
recharging space MOD CHIC

You can turn this virtual space into reality!

Peek below at the-Boutique MOD, "goods to recharge your world!!"

Wallpaper: Stacey Garcia CORSETGS4812Wallpaper
Wood Floor: rift oak

the-Boutique MOD:

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